Types of Hydrotherapy Treatments

Hydrotherapy treatments have become popular in recent times due to their safe and inexpensive nature. If you are a water lover then hydrotherapy is the best option for you to reduce the extent of many illnesses that you may be going through. Even if you are not ill, hydrotherapy can help you relax in a much better way than a massage, if you have been contemplating on doing some hydrotherapy then, read on to know the various types of hydrotherapy treatments available to you.

Cold Baths:

These stimulate blood circulation and help in reducing any kind of swelling that you may have, if there has been a physical injury then a cold bath will definitely help. If you are going for hydrotherapy to a spa, do let them know if you are suffering from any major illness they can suggest the best possible option to tackle it.

Steam Baths:

These are also a type of hydrotherapy where a variety of water that is steam is used. Steam is hot in nature and it helps the body sweat. This further assists in opening up skin pores and making you feel rejuvenated. It is the best way to relax when you are fatigued and will also help in detoxification.

Neutral Baths:

These kind of baths use water that is at the normal body temperature, it is neither very cold nor very hot. With cold water heat is drawn out of the body while with hot water the heat is conserved, however in a neutral bath the water temperature is kept at a constant 33.5 degrees Celsius to 35.6 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes. This helps the body relax and get into a state of sedation where the nerves are completely stress free. A person suffering from any nervous system related disease can use this bath to calm himself.

Floatation as a hydrotherapy treatment:

Water with a high content of salt is used in this kind of bath. You are supposed to float on the water, face up, in this slightly warm water. All kinds of stress are relieved as the body is supported by water and hence the mind feels weightless.

Hot and cold water Sprays:

Alternate therapy with the help of hot and cold water is the best way to treat various organs and even the immune system. This therapy is done with the help of high pressure sprays that throw hot and cold water in alternate succession.

Other more popular types of hydrotherapy treatments are the hot or cold compresses, Ice packs or wet sheets that we use for fever or swelling of the body. Hydrotherapy can be practiced in the comfort of your home in a bathtub or a Jacuzzi even. It is just about spending some time in the water and letting your body relax and soak in all the goodness. There is no doubt that hydrotherapy treatments work not just on the body but on your mind and soul even to give you holistic healing.