What Are The Disadvantages Of Breast Enlargement?

When considering a breast enlargement it is important to take into account all of the factors that are associated; most women get drawn in by the attractive benefits without acknowledging the drawbacks. This article will highlight factors such as the associated pain, healing time length, scarring, implant leaks and the cost associated with this procedure.

Associated Pain

After the surgery it is normal to feel some discomfort; painkillers are usually prescribed for a patient, and in some cases stronger medication may be required. Strong pain is not common; it is usually mild and normally takes a while for it to take affect after the surgery. If pain continues it is imperative to speak with your doctor; he will analyse your condition and prescribe more medication if necessary.

Healing Time Length

Breasts will not look perfect immediately after surgery; this is due to long recovery period for bruising and swelling to decrease; a precise time cannot be calculated as it will differ from person to person. Your surgeon will advise you on the do’s and don’ts after surgery and if you ever have cause for concern it is best to speak with them.


In the past patients were left with pretty ugly looking scars after surgery; breast enlargement is a lot more advanced these days, this means that the scarring is dramatically reduced as surgeons can apply special methods. The more skilled your surgeon is the less noticeable the scars will be on your body.

Implant Leaks

Before industry standard medical regulations were put into place; the materials that were being used for implants were not of a high standard. Many horror stories were spread via the media about implants leaking, this caused huge problems in women, in some rare cases death was the result. Today the materials used have been trailed and tested and it is almost impossible for a leak to happen.


Breast surgery in Birmingham, London, Wales and throughout the UK that can be quite expensive; and the better the surgeon is, the higher the price tag. The good news is that you can afford the surgery through payment plans or take out loans; in some rare cases you may be able to get them on the NHS. If you are able to supply evidence that you are experiencing physiological distress, due to the size of your breasts, then you can make a case to the NHS. Evidence can come in the form of conversation recordings, case studies, physiologist reports or diary entrants.